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About us

The State Agency Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) is the largest public research body in Spain. Its objective is to promote and develop research that contributes to scientific and technological progress in different areas of knowledge: Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Art and Humanities.

CSIC maintains a long tradition as editor of monographs and scientific journals in the aforementioned areas. Editorial CSIC, founded in 1940 as "Publications Office", wants to recover and maintain the initial spirit of scientific and cultural openness of its predecessor, the Junta para Ampliación de Estudios e Investigaciones Científicas (JAE), founded in 1907 and dissolved after the Spanish Civil War. Its historical editorial fund is around 12,000 titles gathered in 120 series. In its current catalog, more than 2,500 titles are available in print format (more than 1,000 also in electronic format), most of them organized in 75 series coordinated by leading specialists. Editorial CSIC also publishes works out of series, which due to their themes may not coincide with the objectives of the established series but have an obvious academic and scientific interest. The CSIC Editorial Catalog, awarded in 2008 in its entirety by the UNE (Unión de Editoriales Universitarias Españolas), gathers numerous academic distinctions that guarantee its quality and excellence.

We also pay very special attention to popularizing science works, prepared by experts in the field and addressed to the general public.

Editorial CSIC currently publishes about 100 new books a year and 37 prestigious scientific journals.

All academic content works proposed for publication, in or out of series, must present original and unpublished research results. If a first opinion considers them appropriate, they will then be subjected to an external peer review process following the blind method. Popularizing science works are also informed by experts. Both the academic management of the series and the authorship of our publications are open to researchers and experts from any institution and nationality, as well as to any language commonly used in each scientific community.

Combining tradition and innovation, this website of CSIC Books is a project developed by Editorial CSIC in accordance with ISO 9001 (ER-0285/2009) that was created with the purpose of improving access to the electronic edition of a selection of its editorial production. Users can check here the CSIC e-book catalog, purchase eBooks through different partner distributors or, if it is open access, directly download the e-book.

Through its publishing house the CSIC intends to offer content with scientific rigour, and also popularizing science materials, to experts and researchers as well as to all readers interested in Science and Culture.

Organization chart

Head: Pura Fernández
Management: Susana Escudero Legorburu
Production: Enrique Barba Gómez
Distribution: Inés Sánchez Jiménez
Electronic edition: Nacho Pérez Alcalde


Design and programming: Juan F. Heras Heras
Contents: Nacho Pérez Alcalde