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A Checklist of the Mosses of the Tropical Andean Countries

A Checklist of the Mosses of the Tropical Andean Countries
A Checklist of the Mosses of the Tropical Andean Countries

Steven P. Churchill

Affiliation: Missouri Botanical Garden (St. Louis, Estados Unidos)

Biography: Not available

Dana Griffin III

Affiliation: University of Florida. Museum of Natural History (Florida, Estados Unidos)

Biography: Not available

Jesús Muñoz

Affiliation: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas. Real Jardín Botánico (Madrid, España)

Biography: Not available

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Steven P. Churchill; Dana Griffin III; Jesús Muñoz

About the authors 

Publication year: 2000

Language: English

Subjects: Life Sciences

Collection: Ruizia. Monografías del Real Jardín Botánico

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Moss diversity for the Tropical Andean countries (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia) is estimated at 76 families, 362 genera and 2089 taxa at species and infraspecific level. This catalog, primarily specimen-based, includes for each accepted species altitudinal distribution in the treated countries and its world distribution. Two new combinations, Acroporium esmeraldicum (Müll. Hal.) W. R. Buck and Pseudocrossidium granulosum (Thér.) S. P. Churchill are made. The following species are new synonyms of the species in brackets: Coscinodon pseudocribrosus Hastings [=Coscinodon bolivianus Broth.], Daltonia fenestrellata D. G. Griffin [=Daltonia brevinervis E. B. Bartram], Lepidopilidium synoicum Herzog [=Lepidopilidium divaricatum (Dozy & Molk.) Broth.], Leucodon peruvianus Broth. [=Leucodon curvirostris Hampe], Neckera trabeculata Herzog [=Neckera scabridens Müll. Hal.], Papillaria pseudofunalis Müll. Hal. [=Papillaria imponderosa (Taylor) Broth.], Papillaria pseudosinuata Müll. Hal. [=Meteorium sinuatum (Müll. Hal.) Müll. Hal.], Papillaria subsquamatula Müll. Hal. [=Papillaria penicillata (Dozy & Molk.) Broth.], Rhapidostegium turgidulum Herzog [=Sematophyllum subpinnatum (Brid.) E. Britton] and Triquetrella spiculosa Thér. [=Zygodon pichinchensis (Taylor) Mitt.].

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Bibliographic information

Physical Description : 208 p. ; 24 cm

ISBN: 978-84-00-07993-2

ISSN: 0212-9108

Publication: Madrid : Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, 2000

Reference CSIC: Ruizia_17

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