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Digital & complex information

Digital & complex information
Digital & complex information

Roberta Zambrini

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Gemma Rius

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Roberta Zambrini; Gemma Rius

About the authors 

Publication year: 2021

Language: English

Subjects: Information and Library Sciences, Popular Science

Collection: CSIC Scientific Challenges : Towards 2030

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Information, gathered, stored, processed and transmitted, is the cornerstone of the present era and shapes every aspect our daily life, thus permeating cultural and social deep changes. A multi- and cross-disciplinary approach is needed to cover all present challenges of the Information age, ranging from both the more technological aspects to the social ones. This duality is reflected in the title of this volume, Digital and Complex Information. The current Digital Transformation is enabled by developments in physics and engineering and entails several fields including electronics, optics, material science, and quantum technologies. Nowadays challenges include sustainable and energy efficient electronics, integrated photonics with new functionalities, quantum computing and machine learning, and operation within the Internet of Things. Nonetheless the Digital world generates an ever-increasing amount of data in which security and trust play a critical role. The advances in digital technologies call for a new scientific research approach: an Open Science, reproducible, interoperable and accessible. New avenues are open in how we deal with Humanities and with individual/social security and rights, within digital citizenship. This is the broad spectrum of challenges that drives research across about the 40 CSIC institutes in line with the latest developments in digitalization worldwide.

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Bibliographic information

Physical Description : 169 p.

ISBN: 978-84-00-10756-7

eISBN: 978-84-00-10757-4

Publication: Madrid : Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, 2021

Reference CSIC: 13666

Other data: (CSIC Scientific Challenges : Towards 2030 ; vol. 10)

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