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Orchidaceae of Ivory Coast

Orchidaceae of Ivory Coast
Orchidaceae of Ivory Coast

Dariusz L. Szlachetko

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Dariusz L. Szlachetko

About the authors 

Publication year: 2008

Language: english

Subjects: Life Sciences

Collection: Ruizia. Monografías del Real Jardín Botánico

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The Flora of the Orchidaceae of Ivory Coast is relatively well known mainly thanks to the recent works of two botanists: Laurent Aké Assi and Francisco Pérez-Vera. However, the first elaboration of the orchid flora of Ivory Coast was prepared by Summerhayes (1968) within Flora of Tropical West Africa. Now, based on the study of 2,212 herbarium specimens, a synthesis of the Orchid flora of Ivory Coast is presented. Out of a total of eight subfamilies within the family of Orchidaceae in the world, seven have been found in Ivory Coast. This monograph includes keys to determination of genera and species. Morphological description, habitat, geographical distribution, representative specimens are provided for each species and subspecies. Most of the considered taxa are illustrated with original drawings. In the present work, 234 species representing 66 genera are distinguished. Pérez-Vera recognized only 229 species in 48 genera. The differences between these works are the result of different taxonomic conceptions, especially on the generic level. The diversity in the species of Ivory Coast is startling in comparison to a West African background, i.e. in neighboring Guinea, where 153 species and 54 genera are reported. Several species, or even genera, have their geographical boundary just in the Ivory Coast area.

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Bibliographic information

Physical Description : 396 p. : il., mapa ; 24 cm

ISBN: 978-84-00-08725-8

eISBN: 978-84-00-09587-1

ISSN: 0212-9108

Publication: Madrid : Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, 2008

Reference CSIC: 11606

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