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Last titles  (2023-2024)

Contaminación lumínica : los peligros de un mundo cada vez más iluminadoContaminación lumínica : los peligros de un mundo cada vez más iluminado

Publication year: 2024

Coordination: Alicia Pelegrina; José Manuel Vílchez; Francisco Ramírez; Airam Rodríguez

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Enfermedades metabólicas : las epidemias del siglo XXIEnfermedades metabólicas : las epidemias del siglo XXI

Publication year: 2024

Coordination: Germán Perdomo Hernández; Marc Liesa Roig; M.ª Ángeles Martín Arribas; Ángela M.ª Martínez Valverde; María Monsalve Pérez; Yolanda Sanz

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El riesgo volcánicoEl riesgo volcánico

Publication year: 2024

Coordination: Xavier Bolós; Stéphanie Barde-Cabusson; Adelina Geyer; Nieves Sánchez; Inés Galindo; Eugenio Fraile-Nuez; Juan Tomás Vázquez

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Animales y antropología : etnografías más que humanas en EspañaAnimales y antropología : etnografías más que humanas en España

Publication year: 2024

Edition: Santiago M. Cruzada; Olatz González-Abrisketa

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Las comunidades de montaña en la Edad del Hierro en la cuenca del Taibilla (Nerpio, Yeste y Letur, provincia de Albacete)Las comunidades de montaña en la Edad del Hierro en la cuenca del Taibilla (Nerpio, Yeste y Letur, provincia de Albacete)

Publication year: 2024

Miriam Alba Luzón

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Instituto Geológico y Minero de España : 175 añosInstituto Geológico y Minero de España : 175 años

Publication year: 2024

Edition: Isabel Rábano; Ángel Salazar

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¿Cómo garantizar un sistema energético seguro, eficiente y limpio? Ciencia para las políticas Combatir la contaminación por plásticos Incendios forestales
La resistencia de las bacterias a los antibióticos Nutrición sostenible y saludable Producir alimentos sin agotar el planeta Sequías

Science for Policy Reports

Recently, lots of Governments around the world go to the scientific community for advice to try to provide an answer to topics that, as poverty or climate change, are social concerns, but also problems that researchers are trying to understand. The covid-19 pandemic is an example of this practice, because there was an answer on behalf of scientists that not only showed the ability to bring new knowledges to the service of the citizenship, but also was patent of its great interest and motivation to do it.

The male and female researchers of CSIC, individually or collectively organized, participate in several hundreds of governmental counseling committees in all Administration levels, also in the European area and in all areas of public policy, such as sanitary, social, agriculture, fisheries, feeding, foreign policy, security, environmental, energetic, cultural, digital or the scientific policy itself, among others. Thanks to this counselling, the public authorities can know how much fishing quotas should be limited, how to manage aquariums, how many vaccines would be necessary to reach immunity or what aspects should be financed to make further progress in the fight against cancer.

New foundations for a sustainable global society Origins, (Co)Evolution, Diversity & Synthesis of Life Genome & Epigenetics Challenges in Biomedicine & Health Brain, Mind & Behaviour
Sustainable Primary Production Global change impacts Clean safe and efficient energy Understanding the basic components of the universe, its structure & evolution Digital & complex information
Artificial intelligence, robotics & data science Our future? Space colonization & exploration Ocean science challenges for 2030 Dynamic Earth : probing the past, preparing for the future

White Papers

CSIC Scientific Challenges: Towards 2030

What are the significant scientific challenges of the first half of the 21st century? Can we establish the priorities for the future? How should the scientific community tackle them?

These books present the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) reflections on 14 strategic themes established based on their scientific impact and social importance.

Fundamental questions are addressed, including the origin of life, the exploration of the universe, artificial intelligence, the development of clean, safe, efficient energy, or the understanding of brain function. The documents identify complex challenges in health and social sciences, and the selected strategic themes cover both fundamental issues and potential applications of knowledge.

Nearly 1,100 researchers from more than 100 CSIC centers and other institutions (public research organizations, universities, etc.) have participated in this analysis. All agree on the need for a multidisciplinary approach and the promotion of collaborative research to implement ambitious projects focused on specific topics.

These 14 “White Papers,” designed to serve as a frame of reference for the development of the institution’s scientific strategy, will provide an insight into the research currently being accomplished at the CSIC, and at the same time, build a global vision of what will be the critical scientific challenges over the next decade.

Another interesting books

International Conference on Construction Research: <i>Housing: past, present and future</i>. Abstracts and proceedingsInternational Conference on Construction Research: Housing: past, present and future. Abstracts and proceedings

Edition: Virtudes Azorín; Pepa Cassinello; Natalia Casinello; Ángela Sorli Rojo

Publication year: 2013

Language: Spanish; English

Following in the footsteps of Eduardo Torroja, the conference will revolve around a philosophy and praxis that advocate a view of architecture and engineering as parts of the same engine, built in the...

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Available in the catalog: 11/02/2015

Tratado fundamental de la música (1804c)Tratado fundamental de la música (1804c)

José Teixidor
Edition: Josep Pavía i Simó

Publication year: 2009

Language: Spanish

Not available...

Available in the catalog: 07/24/2014

Taxonomía de los géneros <i>Thymus</i> (excluida la sección <i>Serpyllum</i>) y <i>Thymbra</i> en la Península IbéricaTaxonomía de los géneros Thymus (excluida la sección Serpyllum) y Thymbra en la Península Ibérica

Ramón Morales Valverde

Publication year: 1986

Language: Spanish

The present work is a taxonomic revisión of the Iberian thymes [Thymus L., sect. Serpyllum (Miller) Bentham excluded, and Thymbra L.]. The first part contains reports on the flowering periods of most ...

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Available in the catalog: 10/17/2013

El mito de Atalanta e Hipómenes. Fuentes grecolatinas y su supervivencia en la literatura españolaEl mito de Atalanta e Hipómenes. Fuentes grecolatinas y su supervivencia en la literatura española

María Jesús Franco Durán

Publication year: 2016

Language: Spanish

Review in English not available...

Available in the catalog: 09/27/2016

Cultivo del rodaballo (<i>Scophthalmus maximus</i>)Cultivo del rodaballo (Scophthalmus maximus)

José Luis Rodríguez

Publication year: 2011

Language: Spanish

Not available...

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Available in the catalog: 09/26/2011

Cuerpos y agencia en la arena socialCuerpos y agencia en la arena social

Edition: Josep Martí Pérez; Laura Porzio

Publication year: 2016

Language: Spanish

Review in English not available....

Available in the catalog: 04/21/2017